RedXGallery presents Joey Havlock’s Master Minds Series

RedXGallery is thrilled to announce the addition of Joey Havlock’s Master Minds Series to our selection of limited edition fine art prints.


The Series

The development of Joey Havlock’s Master Minds presents a vivid glimpse of surrealism.

The Master Minds Series is an intersection of reality where dreams dissolve into lucid states of consciousness.  Phantoms emerge from deep corners of the psyche to expose shards of their core to the light; feeding on the radiance for just a breath before retreating back to the shadows of inception.  To witness each fragment of time is to be instigated, excited, enchanted… subdued.

The brilliance of the Master Minds series is the artist’s willingness to delve into the mind, piercing the shadows and embracing the expansiveness of imagination to capture moments of thought, memory, desire, and reflection.  Extending an invitation to the observer; be witness to the surrealism that exists within each of us at every moment. Those lightening strike images and impulses that dart through our awareness purposefully, and unrelentingly, only to be swept away as quickly as they appear are made manifest in prismatic splendor.

Please visit our SHOP to pursue the available works from this series; available in stunning, state of the art, aluminum metal prints, as well as well as gorgeous canvas editions.


We have recently added many original One Line drawings by contemporary artist Sir Shadow to our shop selections.  Truly magical in their conception, these works will inspire, and enchant.

Here we have a beautiful example of Sir Shadow’s work.  ‘Jazz Ghost’ is a 16″ x 20″ piece that will enliven any interior space.



Be sure to see our SHOP for available original artworks, and more, from this amazing artist.

FLOCK OF COCKS Exhibition at Oakton Wine Shop

It was a beautiful day for redXgallery’s recent exhibition at the Oakton Wine Shop.  On display were original impressionist rooster paintings from artist Joey Havlock’s series ‘Cocks’.  Several of the works exhibited were featured in Havlock’s book, ‘Flock of Cocks’, which was also on display for the perusal of those in attendance.

Pictured below, ‘The Provocative Cock’ flanked by works from Joey Havlock and Rhonda Havlock’s ‘Popademic’ series.



Oakton Wine Shop owner Bryan Gauthier stopped for a moment to enjoy the exhibit while relaxing on redXgallery’s resting bench.



‘The Enlightented Cock’ and ‘Cock in Motion’ were also in attendance.


As well as ‘A Cock Named Sue’


BOOK: A Gift From Mind’s Eye – Joey Havlock



A monograph by Joey Havlock. Presenting a unique selection of original paintings and designs from the Master Minds series of artworks. ~~ “The gift from Mind’s Eye is the ability to dream…to imagine…to inspire the creation of new and better realities for the enlightenment of our own spirit as well as enrichment of the world around us.

1st Edition

1st Printing

58 pages

Full Color – Inside & Cover

Joey Havlock



This book is signed by the artist on the inside cover.