FLOCK OF COCKS Exhibition at Oakton Wine Shop

It was a beautiful day for redXgallery’s recent exhibition at the Oakton Wine Shop.  On display were original impressionist rooster paintings from artist Joey Havlock’s series ‘Cocks’.  Several of the works exhibited were featured in Havlock’s book, ‘Flock of Cocks’, which was also on display for the perusal of those in attendance.

Pictured below, ‘The Provocative Cock’ flanked by works from Joey Havlock and Rhonda Havlock’s ‘Popademic’ series.



Oakton Wine Shop owner Bryan Gauthier stopped for a moment to enjoy the exhibit while relaxing on redXgallery’s resting bench.



‘The Enlightented Cock’ and ‘Cock in Motion’ were also in attendance.


As well as ‘A Cock Named Sue’