Sir Shadow


One Line Art & Flowetry

Sir Shadow is a unique 21st century artist whose style is both exciting and fascinating in its content. His ability to express love, music, poetry, and to create art through the manipulation of one line, creating shapes and forms that dance, sing, and swing with Jazz music that it depicts is sheer genius.

“I call my writing and artwork Flowetry, which is the act of positive thinking in action. This is my contribution towards life and my immortality. This gives me the right to live my moments in peace and harmony.” Sir Shadow says his purpose is to help others grow and glow.

A lover of children, real people, dogs, cats, history, nature, simple walks, deep talks, laughter, and all the taken for granted amenities that life offers his future, Sir Shadow’s plan is to bring joy to the world and the young through his own personal greatness as he sets an example for others to give an touch the hearts and souls of others.

His main purpose and inspiration for his art is to build free Art Institutions around the world for the young of all ages to come and receive free art supplies; from guitars, pianos, and horns to paint brushes and theaters. Sir Shadow believes that art is the center of inner peace and the motivation towards a better world for each boy and girl.

Sir Shadow’s work is internationally acclaimed and universally appreciated. Some of the collectors of his artwork include Andre de Shields, Terrie Williams, Quincy Jones, Isaac Hayes, Oprah Winfrey, Vy Higginson, Whitney Houston, Melonie Daniels, Butch Lewis, Bobby Brown, Teddy Riley, Lauryn Hill, Diana Ross, and Mandrill to name just a few. Sir Shadow has also done artwork on Gill Scott Heron and Rodney Kendricks CD’s. Others who appreciate Sir Shadow’s artwork include Susan Taylor, Erykah Badu and B. Smith. Also, while having dinner listening to music at Authors Tavern in the village, or Jezebel’s in midtown, Londel’s Restaurant and Bar, Emily’s or Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem, and The Sidewalk Cafe at 6th Street and Avenue A. Look around, Sir Shadow’s artwork can be found.