Anthony Lilly


Artist Statement
“I feel I am a storyteller in the motion picture sense; like watching an entire movie at one glance. The subject matter is often that of marginalized people, especially children, in violent and chaotic situations. The Depression Era characters and scenes come to me with an aliveness and urgency that compels me to tell their story. My Car Crash and Street Scene series are an extension of that theme.

My earliest influences were the ones which made me feel the most empowered. The Wonderful World of Disney and Sesame Street were huge influences as a child. Since then the list has grown to include Michelangelo, Grisha Bruskin, Kara Walker, Rita Ackerman, Matisse, Aldo Mondino, Al Held, as well as Alfred Hitchcock, Julie Dash, and Martin Scorsese.”

~ Anthony Lilly

Anthony Lilly

Fabric Collage

Born in Saginaw, Michigan, Anthony Lilly moved to NYC in 1983 to pursue a career in the arts. During the course of his career he has worked in many settings including theatre, magazine, motion picture, and fashion. He has also worked in the music industry as a stage tech for such groups as Aerosmith, Kiss, and the Beastie Boys. The inspiration and experience gained by traversing these many fields in combination with his 14 years of formal art training can be seen in Lilly’s work not only by its subject matter, but also by the media in which he chooses to work.

Anthony’s works have appeared in several NYC group shows, including the 2003 Times Square Group Exhibition and the 2006 Byrd Hoffman Watermill Foundation Charity Auction. Anthony’s artwork has also been displayed along side such respected artists as Willem de Kooning, Roy Lichtenstein, and Alex Katz.

Currently Anthony is working on large scale projects including a series of Car Crashes with Explosions, Shoot-outs, and a life sized Angel/Deity series. Future projects for Anthony will include tributes to Mrs. Betty Shabazz and Mrs. Lena Horne.